Video of Sacred Owls Halloween October 15th, 2016 at Uncle Lou’s in Orlando, Florida

Special thanks to Dudeman (take care of that knee!), Will Brack for filming, Children of October, Jodones, D.N.A. (Destroy North America), Horrorpunks at 21 Disfunction, The Filthy Dix, The Prople, Uncle Lou, and everyone who came out!

The Month of Halloween

For our October shows, we are cooking up a special Halloween set with a cover of Pet Semetary by The Ramones, Halloween by The Misfits & Chick Habit by April March!


10/1 Control Tattoo’s 4 Year Anniversary

w/ The Jodones, Antarx, & Golden Pelicans

Tap locations below to navigate!


10/15 Uncle Lous, Orlando 8pm
w/ Children Of October, The Prople, DNA, The Jodones, Disfunction, & Filthy Dix
(Facebook Event)


10/21 Spacebar, Orlando 8pm
w/ Yogurt Smoothness, The Grizzly Atoms, & The Welzeins

Sacred Owls, Warm Like Winter, & Bubble Boys with The Zipheads from London UK

10/25 Uncle Lous, Orlando 8pm
w/ The Zipheads (London, UK), Warm Like Winter, & Bubble Boys
(Facebook Event)


10/29 Under The Haunted Oaks, Kissimmee 9pm
w/ Dudeman, Russ T. Nutz, DNA, Will Brack, + more!
(Facebook Event)


10/30 Devil’s Night @ The Copper Rocket 9pm
w/ Bubble Boys, Run Raquel, & Niceville
(Facebook Event)


10/31 A Coffins Print Shop Halloween 6pm
w/ Warm Like Winter, Pizza Nightmare, Bubble Boys, Niceville, + more!
(Facebook Event)


Anti-False Flag Fest 9/11/16 was a hit!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported this even. Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts. You made our year. Special thanks to Kane, Frank, Dani, Dennis, & Pizza Nightmare for supplying good and helping out! We were able to raise enough to record, press, print, screen, & distribute Government Sponsored Terrorism on CD & Digital Download as well as the shirts and patches!

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They Live Spray Painting by Stephen Elliott The Owl Is Wise Because It Can See In The Dark spray painting by Stephen Elliott5% of the proceeds will go to the Pulse Victims Fund and another 5% to the 9/11 Victims Fund for a total of 10% going to charity!

Extra special thanks to Artist, Stephen Elliott for painting 2 masterpieces live as well as giving the finished products to us!

I named the one with the owl “The Owl Is Wise Because It Can See In The Dark” a quote from William Cooper.

The They Live alien face one is titled “We Have One That Can See”.

Also, honorable mention to Radicalized Youth for their hilarious promotional video for their new EP as well as paying CHEW and Sun Signs out of pocket! You guys did not have to do that! Thank you so much!

We will definitely keep doing this event! SEE YOU ALL AGAIN at ANTI-FALSE FLAG FEST 2 on Friday 7/7/17!

with gratitude,

Christian Coffins


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