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To celebrate Christian Coffins’ 33rd birthday and pay respects to the fallen for the 15 year anniversary of 9-11-2001, Sacred Owls is inviting all of you to their new home for live music, vegan & non-vegan food, drinks, & good times at Coffins Print Shop‘s new location! (Click here to navigate)

Sacred Owls will be playing their new record, GOVERNMENT SPONSORED TERRORISM live!

Government Sponsored Terrorism SHIRT mock web

Also performing live…

Radicalized Youth
(EP Release Party!)

(Atlanta, Georgia)

In Oculus
(Miami, Florida)

Sun Signs
(Tampa, Florida)

(Sebring, Florida)

Pizza Nightmare
(Orlando Horror Punk)

(Orlando Skate Punk/Reggae)

The Jodones
(Orlando Punk)

Bubble Boys
(Orlando 70’s style street punk)

(Orlando Electronic Experimental)

(Orlando 2 piece)

Timothy Eerie
(Orlando Psychedelic Rock)

NFG Figher
(Sanford One man band)

Iesha Marie
(Sanford Acoustic with some soul)

Will Brack
(Kissimmee One man band)


Since we got a lot of requests for acoustic artists we decided to open up our band room off the kitchen as the “Open Mic Lounge”. There will be a live mic on a stand. Acoustic only, no amps.

$9 donation gets you:

AFFF 2016 shirts and patches

  • A limited edition Sacred Owls Government Sponsored Terrorism shirt & patch set
  • Preorder of the new Sacred Owls album (Government Sponsored Terrorism) on CD & digital download. The 3 panel, double sided packages are going to be hand made and each one will be one of a kind with fake blood splatter, hand numbered, & complete with lyrics.
  • Live music all day (bands start at 11am sharp till 9pm outside)
  • Vegan and non-vegan food until it runs out (get here early)
  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks (get here early)

Proceeds will go to the recording and production of our new album as well as the goodies at the party. So anything you can donate is appreciated! We know money is tight so if you REALLY can’t afford $9, bring beer, food, or something else.

Government Sponsored Terrorism SHIRT back web

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Government Sponsored Terrorism will go to the families of the victims and first responders of 9-11-2001 with on-going medical and legal expenses as well as the Pulse Victim Relief Fund to help with counseling for victims families and survivors.

We look forward to having all of you! This is our home and business location so I ask everyone to be respectful and not break any laws on this day.

Streetside parking is available all along 23rd Street and Parramore Avenue as well as our front yard.



If you have been paying attention in the past decade, then it should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton is untouchable. Her connections are far reaching and her pockets are deep. Why is that? Watch this.

Hillary Clinton worships at the alter of globalism. If you get in her way, she will have you killed. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, her husband William (Bill) Clinton is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and here she is pandering to the World Federalist Organization.

All of these groups have one goal, global governance.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is dangerous and foolish, but he does not have this power. He will not win. There is no winning. There is only being chosen. Hillary will be the next president.

It is our responsibility to learn the truth about this murdering criminal and spread the word. She needs to be stopped along with all her overlords in the shadows.

Here are a few resources. Leave a comment if you would like to add to this. Share this post #apocalypseclinton

Man Commits EXACT Same Crime as Hillary, FBI Does THIS to Him…

The Internet Is Furious Over What James Comey Said About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Huma Abedin admits that Clinton burned daily schedules

Guns Don’t Kill People…..The Clintons Do!

Senator Ted Cruz Rips Into FBI Director for Rewriting the Law to Protect Hillary

Sacred Owls with Roxx & 430 Steps at West End Trading Company, Sanford, Florida

Sacred Owls at West End Trading CompanySacred Owls is back at it again! I can honestly say that this is my favorite incarnation!

The lovely Arielle Burial (AKA R.E. Yell) who some of you may have seen playing bass with us last year when we opened open for the Koffin Kats and in Miami with In Oculus among others, is now playing drums for the first time! We like our musicians to be well rounded here in SA!

With the assistance of a loop station and an octiver paired with soundclips and projections, this two piece sounds like an army! We have some new songs and a few new covers along with funky renditions of our classics to keep things fresh!

Come out to West End Trading Company Saturday, May 28th, 2016 to get a sneak peek before I-4 Fest at Austin’s Coffee! Here is the Facebook event page!


Sacred Owls wishes to keep all digital downloads free and all merch cheap to help spread our message. If you like what we do and want us to keep doing it this way, make a donation below. Your money will go to recording, gear, gas, printing, & shipping.

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