Coffins Print Shop Is Go!!!

We started Coffins Print Shop today! Christian Coffins (bass/vox) of Sacred Owls has been screen printing for 15 years and has worked with tons of bands and artists in that time. We have found that most bands, artists, small businesses, and people with a cool idea do not want to or can’t buy a minimum of 100+ shirts for several hundreds of dollars off the bat. Can’t sell them all in time and they just sit. We have NO MINIMUM ORDER! So you just pay $30 for the screen to be burned and kept on file and get a shirt today, 5 next week, 20 next month (with 3 green with white, 5 blue and yellow ink, 2 black with red ink, and 10 orange with blue ink) WHATEVER YOU WANT! We’ll do it!


Haven Show Update!

6-18-14 They Live Flyer Web

We are excited to announce that Architects of Fear and Coma Club will be joining us and 1 other mystery band at The Haven in Winter Park on June, 18th!

We have also decided to shoot a live music video for our song They Live at the show after meeting Roddy Piper and John Carpenter at Spooky Empire‘s Mayhem this weekend!

It’s a short song (like 50 seconds) so the concept is simple. We put out glasses on and start playing, see aliens in the crowd (we got a mask for participants to wear), they teleport on stage and fight us. We crush them!

If you wear any They Live clothing or have a mask we can use, you will get to be in the video and credited along with getting some free Sacred Owls stuff!

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