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Teacher with a handgun, I know, I know, it’s serious.

I think arming teachers is phrased that way by the media intentionally to trigger people ( you’re welcome). What the bill is talking about is teachers who already have firearms and a concealed carry permit to simply be able to carry at work, out of sight, no one needs to know who has one and who doesn’t. It’s in a holster in under your arm with a jacket over it or in a pocket where the outline is not showing. I have had a CCP for close to 10 years now. I have trained others on safety, etiquette, gun laws, scenario drills, and the written exam.

The government is not planning on dropping a bunch of AK47s on a table with banana clips full of hollow point rounds and saying “let’s get’em gang”. It just simply gives teachers back their 2nd amendment rights if they have a CCP, clean record (need one to keep a CCP), and to pass a test (I am pushing for written as well as field training, which is not required for a CCP in this state). Everyone really needs to grow up to the fact that responsible adults carry guns every day, all around you for self protection which is their right.

I have had jobs that had a high risk of robbery and was asked to carry on shift. I didn’t get paid extra to do it, even though you should, but I did it anyway. Why? Because if a crook comes in to where I work with a gun, I am not going EVER put my hands up, get on my knees, or do anything they ask me to do. I am going to hit the deck, duck, cover, aim and fire on the crook. These teachers are sitting ducks in these “gun free zones”. When criminals read that, they feel safe, especially after these 4 school cops with guns did nothing.

I support college students and staffs gun rights as well, as long as they have a CCP. I would support more in depth CCP training, which is what I have provided as a public service, free of charge. Education and training is what separates the citizen from the civilian. If you want to be a civi, that is your right, to be a non-combatant. There are some of us that won’t stand down, won’t negotiate with terrorist, that will take a stand.

If a teacher wants to wear body armor, go for it. It won’t be provided. Hell, we don’t even provide body armor to our troops. Parents and family put together money to ship out armor. If you want to start a line of children’s clothing with Kevlar plates, go for it. We are living in an age where troubled teens can get guns for scumbags. I got news for you, the scumbags can get the guns from crooked cops. They get them from evidence lockers and file the numbers off. The same guns turned in by the “no one needs this gun” schmucks. Evidence lockers have missing guns, cash, jewelery, and drugs all the time. Especially in Florida.

The only person you can count on is yourself. Not the police, not the state, not the feds, just you.

Update: Video of Quentin Tarantino saying he thinks raping 13 year old girls is OK if they are “in to it” has been removed!

{Sacred Owls} The below video has been removed due to “copyright” reasons conveniently today after the Huffington Post, FederalJack.com, and SacredOwls.com published articles including it.


Here is a screen shot of this article earlier today.

And now…

This is clearly part of a cover up. Below is the original article.

I don’t know how This video fell between the seats. I have never seen it before today. As I listened to this Howard Stern interview with Quentin Tarantino where he is an APOLOGIST of Roman Polanski’s RAPE of a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL, I could feel the blood boil just under the skin of my face.

I felt like I didn’t need to ever say this… A 13 YEAR OLD CANNOT CONSENT TO ANYTHING without a parent or legal guardian’s consent. Even then, a parent cannot consent, legally, to just anything PRIOR to the act. SEX WITH A 40 YEAR OLD WHILE DRINKING ALCOHOL, AND CONSUMING ILLEGAL, SCHEDULE A, NARCOTICS UNDER AGE (BEING PROVIDED BY SAID RAPIST, ROMAN POLANSKI) IS RAPE AND IS ILLEGAL.

Let that sink in… Read what was just written above once more.

Quentin said it was not rape because she was “in to it”. Robin and Howard were appalled and agreed that it is rape, credit where due.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 04: Quentin Tarantino attends the ceremony honoring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on May 4, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

You need to be 18 or older to consent to sex, legally, in practically every US state. It is one thing for a 16 & a 17-year-old to hook up. There is some grey area legally there if both parents are somewhat aware and don’t see harm in the two dating. But a 40-something-year-old “man” (more like predatory human piece of shit) GIVING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL TO A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL to COERCE FALSE (AND ILLEGITIMATE CONSENT)… That is something else all together.

Fucking shame on you Quentin Tarantino, I hoped you would never make my shit list. Don’t let me catch you engaging in pedophilia. Including when you think they are “in to it”. I know what your colleagues are into. We have the videos. We have the photos. We have the tapes.

You’d better hang up that chick habit, hang it up “daddy-o”, or we will cut you up in two. – Chick Habit (off the Death Proof soundtrack)

Quentin Tarantino Defends this Pedophilic Rape of a Minor in the US saying “she was down with it” and it was “Only Statutory Rape”

{Sacred Owls} Today, The day after the video of the Howard Stern interview with Quentin Tarantino was pulled from YouTube all of a sudden due to a copyright claim from Sirius XM I found myself searching the web to try to get the full video. I could only find clips… but they were shocking. At the bottom of this article I will include all the sources we compiled to produce this shocking 5 minute report. Producer Roman Polanski was in his 40’s back in 1977, where he was known to party in California with celebrities. This particular story is about when he had a love affair with a then 13 year old Samantha Jane Gailey. The full transcript of the testimony can be downloaded (PDF) here.

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Roman Polanski’s Pediphillic Rape and Drugging of 13 Year Old Samantha Jane Gailey at Jack Nicholson’s House in 1977


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