Bohemian Grove

Weaving Spiders Come Not Here

weaving spiders come not here 
Weaving spiders come not here.
All You nancy peds all fear
a rise up of the masses
to kick your sorry asses to the floor.

Novus ordo seclorum
Try it and you better run.
It’s live free or die.
Aint gonna bow to no all seeing eye.

The time is almost here, you’ll be no more.

Sleepy Hollow Moloch Reference

Have y’all seen the new Sleepy Hollow series? Pretty good show. Those of you who follow theology as we do will notice the main nemesis of the series is lord Moloch!

sleepy hollow moloch

The same god our “careless” leaders sacrifice an effigy of a child to the flames to “rid themselves of dull care” every July at the Bohemian Grove.

bohemian grove obama

The interpretation in Sleepy Hollow is a horned beast but is also represented my various chimera hybrids of bulls and owls.

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