Beware (CD-EP, Cassette) (2020)

This is Sacred Owls first solo release since Government Sponsored Terrorism in 2014! Beware is a 6 song EP with 2 secret tracks! Beware was recorded over 2 sessions at 2 studios. Tracks 1-4 were recorded, mixed, & mastered by Joshua Dobbs at The Danger Room. Tracks 5 & 6 were recorded, mixed, & mastered by Goose at The Terror Room. This EP includes the studio versions of Beware, Take Care, Pedophile Hunter Rock’n’Roll, Good Gal With A Gun, Magog and the Ghouls, Owlmoble, & Conspiracy of Silence.

Sacred Owls – Government Sponsored Terrorism LP (2016)

Sacred Owls debut full length “Government Sponsored Terrorism” is an unapologetic declaration of war against the corrupt, globalist, tyrannical, elitist, fascist, pedophilic, occult, ruling class. Sacred Owls points the finger directly at The Bohemian Grove as a hub of human trafficking, murder, scandal, and conspiracy against the American people, and the people of this world. This album includes 12 new recordings of 5 brand new songs and 5 new studio versions of Weaving Spiders, Death Wish, Polite Company, New Day Rising, & I Won’t Be Sleeping, & 2 new recordings of never recorded or released songs (They Live & Fuck This Gig {originally Take This Job And Shove It, but was changed to not be confused with the original and the Dead Kennedys cover}) from Coffins high school punk band, The Roonies, originally written by Lance Roonie. Sacred Owls on this recording was Christian Coffins (Guitar, Bass, Vox) & Arielle Burial (Drums, Vox) with guest claps from Joshua Dobbs (Runnamucks). Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Joshua Dobbs at The Danger Room Studios, Maitland, Florida. Produced by Christian Coffins & Joshua Dobbs. Releases independently. First pressing of 1,500 was on hand made, tri-fold, double sided, latching, CD packages sprayed with home made fake blood, signed, & numbered. Currently being released in jewel cased CD, cassette tape, vinyl, and digital.

Sacred Owls – Burnin’ in Hell E.P. (2010)

Sacred Owls was founded 2009 in Miami, Florida by Christian Coffins. At first performing as a solo acoustic act on Monday nights at Churchill’s Pub’s Theatre Underground. Hells Bells was actually a weekly news update put to music. The recorded track on this EP is a collection of a handful of those live musical news reports. This was the first recorded work of Sacred Owls. Recorded at Diego De La Vega’s studio in Kendal, Florida back in 2010, we had a lot of friends collaborate on these tracks during the formation of this project including Diego De La Vega (Downtown City Lights, Young Deville). Released in several different formats, including screen printed packaging with parchment stapled lyric booklets made out to look like vintage Yale Skull & Bones newsletters. In 2019 we re-printed a jewel case version complete with lyrics and new, updated art!

Sacred Owls – Demos (2009-2019)

13 demo recordings done by Sacred Owls over the course of 10 years! Some old, some new, some previously released! Some being released for the very first time! Some recorded on 4 track cassette tape, some recorded on a Boss digital 32 track, some recorded at Valencia University! Our favorite flyers on 3 art panels with liner notes and track listing! Available on CD!


Coffins Comix Presents Tales of Terror – Issue #1 (2017)

After the release of Government Sponsored Terrorism, Christian Coffins started Coffins Comix to put out horror anthology comic books with a soundtrack compilation to listen to while you read! He decided to call the project Tales of Terror: Horror Anthology as a homage to Tales From The Crypt, Tales of Horror, and the Edgar Allan Poe horror anthology Tales of Terror staring Vincent Price. Issue #1 was released Halloween 2017 with comics and songs from Sacred Owls, Will Brack (who joined Sacred Owls at this time on stand up bass), Gyrojets (Tampa), The Prople (Tampa), Dougie Flesh and the Slashers (Orlando), and Jess-o-Lantern (New York). Sacred Owls performed the first 4 songs on the record after the introduction by Hannah. The first song, Conspiracy of Silence is a direct take off from  the end of Government Sponsored Terrorism where at the end of I Won’t Be Sleeping Coffins sings about The Franklin Cover Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, & Murder In Nebraska by John Decamp which The Discovery Channel began to make a documentary titled Conspiracy of Silence which never aired. The comic and song focus on Chapter one of The Franklin Cover Up which involves the Paul Bonacci story. The 2nd song/comic titled Owlmobile is about Sacred Owls van, painting the narrative that it is alive and hunts pedophiles. The third track is a cover of April March’s Chick Habit which was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Death Proof. During this era of Sacred Owls, projections and a television on the drumset played clips from b-films, and other grindhouse cinema and 1960’s drive in movie theatre b-roll to give a theatrical presentation live. Months later the track was used to mock Quentin Tarantino after an interview with Howard Stern surfaced where Tarantino was defending Roman Polanski’s rape and drugging of a 13 year old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house. The 4th and final contribution to this publication was a new version of Will Brack’s Osceola Wants His Head Back which was originally released as a bluegrass, banjo number on Will Bracks debut LP Kissimmee. This version is more of a psychobilly, motorbilly, thrash-a-billy rendition. Due to the success of the cover, we are launching Coffins Studios in 2018 and making Osceola Wants His Head Back into a full length feature film.

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Sacred Owls – Death Wish Demo EP / Knife Fight Split EP (2014)

After the Burnin’ In Hell E.P. Christian Coffins moved to Central Florida and took a break from music. Sacred Owls hibernated in Coffins’ mind turning darker, and more frustrated with the evolving world around it. Then one day Christian watched Death Wish for the first time. A wave of energy came over Mr. Coffins and the first song in over 4 years spilled out of his head releasing the Sacred Owl like a phoenix from the ashes. Weaving Spiders followed shortly after about The Bohemian Grove and their slogan “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here” which is displayed on their buildings reminding reporters and journalists to keep their mouths shut or leave. Polite Company was written after listening to John Jughead (Screeching Weasel and countless other bands) podcast interview with Teenage Bottlerocket where they said “We don’t talk about politics” which annoyed Coffins because they consider themselves a punk band and to Coffins, punk is political. These 3 songs were written, performed, & recorded by Christian Coffins on a Boss digital 4 track recorder. This demo was released as an EP and as a split with South Florida’s Knife Fight. Both versions we released independently.

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