It didn’t take 500 years, just T.V. and a couple beers.

No hands upon the cogs. No haulting of the gears. The time has come to decide!

Anti-intellectuals pumped with pharmaceuticals voting for the leaders of this world. Brought to you by Carl’s Jr. Hell can’t get here any sooner, cerebral genocide!

Living here on planet Earth is getting worse for what it’s worth. Brondo equals fluoridation sweeping nations. Does it look that way to you cause it looks that way to me. Face the fact we are living in Idiocracy.

Fuddruckers! Futtbuckers! Buttruckers! Buttfuckers!

When history is written by thr idiot with the funniest punchline, it’s no mystery that society is in perpetual decline.

When discernment is met with ridicule, why would anyone speak out? When independent thought & compassion are no longer in fashion…

Fuddruckers! Futtbuckers! Buttruckers! Buttfuckers!


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