Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! So much news! We dropped our drummer and are operating as a two piece for now until we find a suitable percussionist. Nothing stops this train! R.E.Yell is still on bass, and I am now playing drums, guitar, and vocals, like a fucking octopus! Been practicing all month and I am not afraid to say that it is not easy doing all of it at once. Mad props to Bloodshot Bill, Lonewolf, and the like!


Show this Sunday!

We are playing Punx Picnic at Little Fish Huge Pond in Sanford Florida. Here is the Facebook event page for more info! $5 cover gets you a free PBR and a shirt!

New ways to connect to us!

We are now on Tumblr & Soundcloud! All downloads from Soundcloud are free just like they are here! If you want to pay for them, donate on this site using the PayPal donate button on the sidebar!

That is all for now,

Death to the New World Order,

Christian Coffins

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