Track Your Facebook Friends! Hell, The NSA Already Does


(SACREDOWLS) For Facebook’s 10 year anniversary they have rolled out another Orwellian concept. With the warm and fuzzy title “Nearby Friends” it sounds innocent enough. Facebook was even extra careful to make it very clear that this feature is not on by default like the messaging location which no matter how many times you disable, in a few days, there it is enabled miraculously once more.

At the end of the day, let’s face it. If you are on Facebook you are Being tracked whether they say you are, no matter what button you check or un-check, whether you like it or not. By being a user you are opting in to being tracked. With that being said, this can be a tool to be used to our advantage.

If you are protesting or organizing a confrontation with a politician like WeAreChange for example, this feature can be turned on by all members of your group so everyone knows that everyone is in location or if someone is missing you will know exactly where they have been taken by law enforcement or Secret Service so you can find them and film whatever is going on, etc.

Yes the NSA more than likely has access to this information. But they are not as efficient as some of you might fear. They have ALL of this data to sift through. There is not some super human working there that, in real time, utilize this software to snag you for thought crime for passing out copies of Invisible Empire like Gabriel from Intelligence…. or is there?!


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