Weaving Spiders Come Not Here

weaving spiders come not here 
Weaving spiders come not here.
All You nancy peds all fear
a rise up of the masses
to kick your sorry asses to the floor.

Novus ordo seclorum
Try it and you better run.
It’s live free or die.
Aint gonna bow to no all seeing eye.

The time is almost here, you’ll be no more.

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“We don’t talk about politics”
Fucking pussies make me sick!
Do you think it will save you without a nick?

You think that we’re so preachy.
Well we think that you’re too PC!
Your apathy will be the death of me!

Punk rock has become polite company
to sell more records to a larger demographic

Enjoy your your national radio play
bubblegum pop on a sunny day
We’ll keep on fighting! We got something to say!

“We don’t talk about religion”
“Questioning authority is a sin”
Stop caring about who you’re going to offend!

You think that you might get arrested
Don’t be so easily bested
Speak your mind or enjoy the bitter end!

Punk rock has become polite company
to play stadiums and accept award trophies

Don’t be afraid to become much greater
stronger, smarter, than those you cater.

They would eat you if they could!

Blink 182 Illuminati


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