The Hellacopters: Illuminati or the resistance?

I just got into Hellacopters, great sound. Kind of reminds me of a more polished New Bomb Turks. I just found this video for “In The Sign of Octopus”. Apparently this was their last music video, full of illuminati symbolism and the lyrics talk about how the men behind the curtain have are in secret societies, have all the money, and “You are here by program”. Is this a warning from the Hellacopters or do they think this is cool? It is really hard to tell what side of the fight they are on. I like them as a band, so I hope they are brothers in the resistance.

By the structure of the song it does seem like they are calling out by name those behind it all. Bilderbergers for example do NOT like to be spoken about, especially in a rock song connecting them to Freemasons and Rosicrucians! I added the lyrics below and hyperlinked some important occult terms that might not be familiar to some.


It’s a cover! Click here for original by The Robots.

In The Sign of Octopus Lyrics

You know it’s time to get the facts straight

You know the people in the shadows;
Hashish eaters (Assassins)
Knights Templar

The hour of illumination
Few and unknown
Many and known

It’s all obscure behind the eye
Rite and Ritual

Oh we are everywhere (omnipresence, all seeing eye)
In the sign of the Octopus (seems like something Hellacopters made up)
It’s just a twelve letter word (I did not get this one)
You can see it clearly now
But it’s still obscured
And your vision will forever be blurred

You know the men behind the power
Prior of Sion (Before Christianity or Judaism perhaps)

The men with all the funds

The keepers of the secrets (Freemasons build the walls that keep the secrets)
Majestic 12
Roman Curia

And all the playful gentlemen
The Golden Dawn

You are here by programmed
by programmed
by programmed


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