I Won’t Be Sleeping

As I woke another day from all the dreams and nightmares
to a life riddled with so much beauty and scares
all these cares are aging me as rich crooks are profit reaping
no I won’t be sleeping.

The American dream has become an Orwellian night terror.
I see military checkpoints domestic. Is there an error?
‘Cause the last time that I checked Posse comitatus had a reason
but we’ve got death cults in the White House at the base of a pentagram
It’s hunting season.

As I walk among the living dead
not a single question in their head
but what’s for dinner.

I see the evils of the elite
not even trying to be discrete
you sinners.

I may not be flawless in any way
but one thing I can say
is that I don’t rape and murder little boys from Boystown Nebraska
It’s in the Franklyn Cover Up if they ask ya!

I said I don’t rape and murder little boys bought from the Vatacan
I leave that kinda stuff for David Rockefeller
I leave that kinda stuff for Henry Kissinger
I leave that kinda stuff for Ronald Reagan
I leave that kinda stuff for the Bushes!
I leave that kinda stuff for the New World Order
I hope you die!

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