New Day Rising

So you got a sacred owl? Well I got me a gun.
You think that I will lay down but I’m having too much fun.

Cause it’s a new day rising.
You got your eyes to the sun.
With burned sockets
You are blind and you’re done.

George Bush Sr. He had a big idea.
A new world order based on fear.

Well it’s a new day rising.
He had his eyes to the sun.
With burned sockets
he was blind and now he’s done.

All right!

Well now you got your military
while you print all the loot
Sending troops to meat grinders
drinking wine in your suits

Well it’s a new world order.
They are looking for.
It’s time we stood up and showed them the door.
Cause it’s lord Moloch they are working for
We’re not going to stand down and take any more
Cause it’s a new day rising.
They got their eyes to the sun.
With burned sockets
they are blind and now they’re done.

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