Kreepy Tiki, Howl, Fubar, Chuck Livid of interview with Christian Coffins

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Above – Howl (Ft. Myers)

Seriously, what a month! KILLER shows at Kreepy Tiki & Howl these past weekends and a visit to Chuck Livid ( for a surprise podcast!!! Thanks to Chuck, Ben, Irene, & Steve, the Kreepy Tiki gang, Andy Howl & co. in Ft. Myers, and Fubar in St. Pete!

Another Music Podcast Episode #305
Sacred Owls

Chuck Livid sits in with singer/songwriter Christian Coffins of Orlando’s Sacred Owls. We chat about his late ’90s Miami pop punk band The Roonies, horror films’ influence on his music, the U.S. government’s role in subversive acts against its citizens, the band’s Owl Mobile, his screen print shop Coffins Print Shop, Miami’s In Oculus, Rat Bastard crankiness and much, much more.

Kreepy Tiki, Ft. Lauderdale

Above Howl (Ft. Myers)

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