Sacred Owls with Roxx & 430 Steps at West End Trading Company, Sanford, Florida

Sacred Owls at West End Trading CompanySacred Owls is back at it again! I can honestly say that this is my favorite incarnation!

The lovely Arielle Burial (AKA R.E. Yell) who some of you may have seen playing bass with us last year when we opened open for the Koffin Kats and in Miami with In Oculus among others, is now playing drums for the first time! We like our musicians to be well rounded here in SA!

With the assistance of a loop station and an octiver paired with soundclips and projections, this two piece sounds like an army! We have some new songs and a few new covers along with funky renditions of our classics to keep things fresh!

Come out to West End Trading Company Saturday, May 28th, 2016 to get a sneak peek before I-4 Fest at Austin’s Coffee! Here is the Facebook event page!

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