government sponsored terrorism

Don’t be fooled again…

obey-webIf you are celebrating because Trump is winning, don’t be fooled. He is going to do as he is told or be JFKed.

The shadow government continues to pull the strings. Although, those strings are tattered and broken in places, there are still plenty of true believers who are too well paid and too afraid to be found out of step.

Stay vigilant. We have these THIS IS YOUR CHOICE shirts for sale. PayPal $10 and we will ship you one! Limited edition! Illustrations by Hal Hefner mashed up with Coffins Print Shop! He did Hillary & Donald, we did the rest. Special thanks to him for being so cool, We want to commission him for our THEY LIVE EP coming soon!

Join up, we are only getting started! Government Sponsored Terrorism is scheduled to start recording next week! We have 2 labels in talks for vinyl and cassette releases as well as CD, so stay tuned!

Sacred Owls 7 Year Anniversary: Independence Day, I-4 Fest @ Austin’s Coffee in Winter Park

9-11 was an inside jobWe are excited to announce our 7 year anniversary of our first show, on 4th of July, 2009. For seven years we have yelled at microphones “FUCK THE NEW WORLD ORDER”. Now with Hillary Clit-on and Dipshit Trump running the puppet patsy position of president, our message is more relevant than ever.

The globalist are pushing vaccinations, GMOs, and real ID down our throats while pumping the youth with consumerism, and politically correct in-fighting to divide and conquer.

Yet still, we are waking up to their tyranny and corruption in record numbers. This is only the beginning!

Arielle and I are working on our first full length, “Government Sponsored Terrorism” which will have some oldies and some new tracks which we plan to perform live with new video projections at Austin’s Coffee in Winter Park, just north of Orlando on Independence Day for their annual I-4 Fest! This will be our second year there and we are excited to be welcomed back!

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