gun control

Teacher with a handgun, I know, I know, it’s serious.

I think arming teachers is phrased that way by the media intentionally to trigger people ( you’re welcome). What the bill is talking about is teachers who already have firearms and a concealed carry permit to simply be able to carry at work, out of sight, no one needs to know who has one and who doesn’t. It’s in a holster in under your arm with a jacket over it or in a pocket where the outline is not showing. I have had a CCP for close to 10 years now. I have trained others on safety, etiquette, gun laws, scenario drills, and the written exam.

The government is not planning on dropping a bunch of AK47s on a table with banana clips full of hollow point rounds and saying “let’s get’em gang”. It just simply gives teachers back their 2nd amendment rights if they have a CCP, clean record (need one to keep a CCP), and to pass a test (I am pushing for written as well as field training, which is not required for a CCP in this state). Everyone really needs to grow up to the fact that responsible adults carry guns every day, all around you for self protection which is their right.

I have had jobs that had a high risk of robbery and was asked to carry on shift. I didn’t get paid extra to do it, even though you should, but I did it anyway. Why? Because if a crook comes in to where I work with a gun, I am not going EVER put my hands up, get on my knees, or do anything they ask me to do. I am going to hit the deck, duck, cover, aim and fire on the crook. These teachers are sitting ducks in these “gun free zones”. When criminals read that, they feel safe, especially after these 4 school cops with guns did nothing.

I support college students and staffs gun rights as well, as long as they have a CCP. I would support more in depth CCP training, which is what I have provided as a public service, free of charge. Education and training is what separates the citizen from the civilian. If you want to be a civi, that is your right, to be a non-combatant. There are some of us that won’t stand down, won’t negotiate with terrorist, that will take a stand.

If a teacher wants to wear body armor, go for it. It won’t be provided. Hell, we don’t even provide body armor to our troops. Parents and family put together money to ship out armor. If you want to start a line of children’s clothing with Kevlar plates, go for it. We are living in an age where troubled teens can get guns for scumbags. I got news for you, the scumbags can get the guns from crooked cops. They get them from evidence lockers and file the numbers off. The same guns turned in by the “no one needs this gun” schmucks. Evidence lockers have missing guns, cash, jewelery, and drugs all the time. Especially in Florida.

The only person you can count on is yourself. Not the police, not the state, not the feds, just you.

How the Media and Government Pull Your Strings and How To Cut Them!

I was talking on Facebag with a friend of mine, fellow musician, and we were going back and forth about this post.

Who gets shot first by a teacher in a school in Florida:
A.) Teacher (shoots themselves)
B.) Student
C.) Mass shooter
D.) Teacher (different teacher)

It is that kind of predictive analytics that panicked people come up with to stop something practice from happening. Do I agree with those predictions… because that is what they are? No. No one knows how this thing would turn out unless we try it. When you see this whole situation from my perspective as a law abiding, gun carrying, citizen who reads the 2nd amendment as something that is inherent, assumed. I do not trust the government to do anything but take advantage of us. Manipulate us. They have made it such a pain in the ass to be a carrying citizen, that I need to put it in a lock box in my vehicle half the time, in situations that I thought to myself; “man, anyone could come in here and just start firing”. Security and cops have their thumbs up their asses or getting stand down orders from “above”. It’s funny how security and/or drills are always scheduled the same day (look it up). So if the Feds are in support of giving gun owners more of their rights in this free country to defend themselves, I am for it. I am for small to no government, home or community schooling run by the community they are in. I am for liberty. Freedom. We have a bigger problem than gun violence. We have a cultural illness as a global collective that has been programmed by the same umbrella corporations that run all the media companies, products, distributors, etc. The big box.

Is there an agenda hidden in everything the Fed does? Of course. It is just another move on the chess board. It is a move I would make. Of course, I hope no teacher in the position will abuse this responsibility. If they do, they should be punished twice as hard. That is also how I feel about abuse of any power, law enforcement and any level, intelligence, judicial, and political. We need more accountability and it starts with ones self. I do my best to take full responsibility for my actions. It is something I pride myself on. It try to lead by example and be able to admit when I am wrong. I only hope we can all live by these standards. The only way to achieve this is to take that responsibility. If our children are being attacked by youths with firearms often, and the armed security are not doing their jobs, it needs to be deputized. Any teacher with the desire and qualifications can apply. If no teachers want this, which is being said by a lot of teachers, then there is nothing to worry about. No one will do it. Everybody wins. If I was a public school teacher, I would do it. If more kids are home schooled because of this, that is another good outcome.

Public schools are shit for a number of reasons. By design by the way. Like the drills being on the same day, the guards standing down, the media ready to pounce, the CIA or FBI already there. They got called a number of times about that one kid and “dropped the ball”?! How often do we hear that excuse while a director shuffles his feet in front of the microphone mumbling “but still see something, say something… so we can keep tabs on him and let it happen by telling everyone there is going to be a drill the day after we know he has a gun from somewhere (us?) so everyone is confused”.

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