Novus ordo seclorum

In the Sign of the Octopus by The Robots

We posted this article about Hellacopters a while ago. It has been brought to our attention that this was actually a cover! Here is the original.

In The Sign of Octopus Lyrics

You know it’s time to get the facts straight

You know the people in the shadows;
Hashish eaters (Assassins)
Knights Templar

The hour of illumination
Few and unknown
Many and known

It’s all obscure behind the eye
Rite and Ritual

Oh we are everywhere (omnipresence, all seeing eye)
In the sign of the Octopus
It’s just a six letter word (Hellacopters says 12… still don’t get it.)
You can see it clearly now
But it’s still obscured
And your vision will forever be blurred

You know the men behind the power
Prior of Sion (Before Christianity or Judaism perhaps)

The men with all the funds

The keepers of the secrets (Freemasons build the walls that keep the secrets)
Majestic 12
Roman Curia

And all the playful gentlemen
The Golden Dawn

You are here by programmed
by programmed
by programmed

Weaving Spiders Free MP3 Download

Download Sacred Owls – Weaving Spiders

weaving spiders come not here 
Weaving spiders come not here.
All You nancy peds all fear
a rise up of the masses
to kick your sorry asses to the floor.

Novus ordo seclorum
Try it and you better run.
It’s live free or die.
Aint gonna bow to no all seeing eye.

The time is almost here, you’ll be no more.

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It features a collage of David Dees pyramid of skulls with crucifixion stakes through the all seeing eye resulting in the death of the new world order, flipped up side down and remaining as the cap stone in memoriam of their destruction. The destroyed city behind was taken from Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy which symbolizes the current mindless state of the world. In place of the banner found on the dollar bill declaring the phrase Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for “New order of the ages”) has been replaced with the declaration “I Won’t Be Sleeping” to warn the elite power structure that we are aware of their agendas. We are awake, aware, and will not go out without a fight!

You know… I think it needs more skulls. You can never have enough skulls…


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