What is a Sacred Owl?

Sacred Owls is an anti-illuminati political horror punk-a-thrash-a-surf-a-billy rock’n’roll 2 piece band based out of Coffins Print Shop in Orlando, Florida. Christian Coffins plays guitar, sings, & makes the films we project along with all the booking, web design, graphic design, silkscreen patches & shirts, and building of the OWLMOBILE! His lovely partner in liberty, Arielle Burial, is a singing, drumming, merch selling mama! Together we plan on ridding the world of all tyrants, one town at a time! If you maintain power through fear, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!

Why is our band called Sacred Owls? Boy, that is one hell of a story.

Christian Coffins was born 9/11/83. On his 18th birthday the world witnessed the most impactful false flag operations carried out by Agents of The New World Order with positions as public servants of the United States of America. If you think that this is a conspiracy theory, you got the first part right. It is a conspiracy, as defined by Merriam-Webster “as the act of conspiring together”. It is the theory part you got wrong. Not at this point. There is way to much information out there from eye witnesses, footage, white paper, memoirs, annals, interviews, and so on. If you still believe that your government is here to serve you in the United States, you are not paying attention willfully. The info is all right here on this website among many others. So why the owl? Why is it sacred?

The Owl we refer to is represented at the Bohemian Club’s California red wood estate in Sonoma County, California, The Bohemian Grove. At this meeting place, lakeside rests a 40′ statue of an owl. The owl is a symbol used by secret societies because it is wise because it can see in the dark.

Every July (midsummer) political and business leaders from around the globe meet in secret to engage in the Cremation of Care, an occult ceremony where a member dressed up like Charon, the boatman arrives by boat with an effigy of a child to deliver to a fiery pit in front of the owl to “rid themselves of dull care”.


The 40′ statue of an owl at Bohemian Grove ins Sanoma County California

The owl being displayed by the illuminati is not Molech(moloch). If we consider the symbolism used by the brotherhood, the symbols most prevalent, go to the goddess. In America, we call her Columbia. In England she is known as Brittania, hence British Columbia. In the past she has been known as Semiramis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, et al. Now, let’s look at the goddess symbolism. She is known as a triple goddess, trinities relate to her. In the Tarot the 3rd major arcana is the Empress. She is symbolized as a phoenix rising and is known as the eye goddess. As Venus, she is symbolized by a shell and a pentagram. Most of the goddess’ have connections with the merfolk.
Isis in the egyptian pantheon, is a symbol of Sirius, a recently re-discovered trinary star system. It has been shown through history that there is a connection with Sirius and fish-people.
Finally, the goddess is represented by an owl. You will find numerous depictions of the goddess with her owl. Some say that this is due to the correlation between Sophia(wisdom) and the wise old owl. I don’t know. What I do know is the goddess has always been depicted with an owl. Molech is a bull. He is a minor deity with possible links to Baal. (Source)

“Dull Care” represents the worries of everyday life. Worries of the consequences of their actions in their professions. When you see what practices of government officials and corporate executives it makes sense that they would find it desirable to purge their guilt to such a deity. Of course it is all only symbolic like all theology, but what makes it real is the actions of the people who hold high positions of power over us all.

The footage we use in our video projections at live shows and online includes raw footage of when the Bohemian Grove was exposed by Alex Jones (who has since gone completely insane) but verified as authentic by insiders and other scholarly sources at Yale which is the breeding ground for bonesmen or brothers under the skin which typically get invited to the grove for “cavorting” and grooming for duty in the New World Order. In order to carry out the agendas of the Globalists, they need to rid themselves of a conscience, of care. The sound clip you hear between Sacred Owls and Rid Yourself Of Care from our album GOVERNMENT SPONSORED TERRORISM is an excerpt from the Cremation of Care Ceremony where the body of dull care gets burned on an altar in front of a big owl statue and then the crowd all cheers. That is confirmed by the BBC documentary series World Of Wonder. We have that sound clip between Rid Yourself Of Care and Weaving Spiders.

This is all very real and documented. It is the cornerstone to the ideologies of the elite who control our money, government, corporations, educational systems, food, and water supplies.

If this is all new to you, feel free to contact us for more information. It is the goal of this band to raise awareness to the motives of our false overlords in an effort to unite and bring them down for good.

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  • You might find the below interesting.


  • Thank you for sharing. Interesting points. My personal philosophy is more of a hybrid of both. It is detrimental to any movement to dwell on the negative or the nemesis. However, I also feel to ignore the sickness is just as harmful. It is important to maintain balance. A good majority of people either do not know about these dark orders and their agendas or know of them but have been convinced by either themselves or groupthink that they are not a threat or are simply fiction (what a lot of them have called “conspiracy theory” which is double speak in of itself).

    The goal of this project is to raise awareness and provide a kick ass soundtrack to fire people up, out of their apathy, and into a state of organized resistance. Not anarchy, or peaceful protest. None of that works. We will beat them by replacing them. Capitalism fused with the technological revolution will empower the masses if it is used correctly.

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