Hells Bells

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I am just gettin’ so sick of this New World Order

Reporter assaulted, kidnapped, choked, imprisoned falsely for filmin’ a multi-jurisdictional gang task force. But don’t worry the film was destroyed and resurrected using forensic hacking software, so now we are suing the Department of Homeland Security. Hells bells and Jesus wept.

Cops and customs agents get caught smugglin’ drugs again as the South American Union was created. Bodies exhibit now required to put up warning signs sayin’ “The bodies you are about to see may be executed prisoners and dissidents that got tortured.” Hells bells and Jesus wept.

This god damn New World Order

Rockefeller family using Exxon to further political agendas? Is the U.S. government making a list of detainees to detain under martial law? I’ll be on there. 126,000 people are about to die of starvation in Africa, 6 million more expected to die, what a nightmare. Hells bells and Jesus wept. Hells bells and Kissinger smiles.

It’s a Malthusian catastrophe. Look it up, cause it’s scary. Killin’ lives.

Bilderberg met some time ago and Alex Jones was out there callin’ out the criminals as they drove in. And this is what he said…

“Ben Bernanke! Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He thinks that he owns you, but  he don’t. Paul Paul Desmarais! CEO of the Power Corporation of Canada. Henry Kissinger wants to depopulate the 3rd world with war, famine, and poison. (Read National Security Study Memorandum 200David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank wants microchips in your arms. Eric Schmidt! CEO of Google suppresses Ron Paul’s hits like YouTube (This was written before Google bought YouTube). Jean-Claude Trichet! President of the European Central Bank thinks he owns you… but he don’t! Hells Bells, Jesus wept.

Kid gets tased in in school for not showing an I.D. and the principal says “Tase a few more of them, that’ll keep them in check.” 1984 breathing down our neck. Hells bells, jesus wept.

If the sun keeps shining on the cloudy head you might remember a single I said. If the news keeps lyin’ everything goes to red. But I’ll keep singing until I am dead.

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