Tales of Terror Issue #1 Comic Book / CD Combo

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One of our favorite projects here at Coffins Collective is our Tales of Terror comic book / music compilation. We released issue #1 on Halloween of 2017 with a huge release party at Coffins Print Shop, complete with a one-night-only hell house we built with The Prople and Hypercube Laboratories.

The idea is to pop in the CD to listen to while you read the comic to create a fully immersive experience bringing the comic to life! Each one comes in a special package that is blood spattered, numbered, and signed by Mr. Coffins and delivered straight to you!

  1. Hello
  2. Sacred Owls with Will Brack – Conspiracy of Silence
  3. Sacred Owls with Will Brack – Owlmobile
  4. Sacred Owls with Will Brack – Chick Habit
  5. Will Brack with Sacred Owls – Osceola Wants His Head Back
  6. Gyrojets – Anne The Babysitter
  7. The Prople – As Above So Below
  8. The Prople – The Gray Man
  9. The Prople – Jamie
  10. The Prople – Screamhouse
  11. Dougie Flesh and the Slashers – Something in the Shadows
  12. Jess-o-Lantern – My Ghouls
  13. Jess-o-Lantern – I Don’t Want To Be A Deadite
  14. Goodbye

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