Sacred Owls Live Together at Lou’s 2020 DVD Out Now!

Update: Youtube has banned this video! Download from the player above or the thumbnail below. Hold tap to save as or right click, save target.

During the first lockdown here in Florida the world famous Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall had the balls to let us perform live when all other bars were closed. The police came because some mask wearing Nazi called the cops on us and could do nothing because no laws were being broken. No alcohol was served, we just played our songs and streamed it live on the internet. People came out and had to stand outside to watch the show because the police said that if we let them in we would all be arrested. This is the draconian police state we are living in.

To commemorate this historic day, we put it on DVD and added Mouthy Buddha’s Pedogate videos about Pizzagate, and Tom Hanks SRC USA, Issac Kappy, Seth Green, BH Kids, as well as the banned youtube videos of Dr. Erickson’s Covid-19 briefing and Plandemic part one.

If the pedophile supporting, truth hating social media platforms are going to ban and block this material, we will continue to share it however we can! Buy this infobomb in bulk and save so you can pass them out at protests, street corners… anywhere! Leave them in the dollar bin at the gas station, on a bus bench, this information needs to get out!

Click here to get it on DVD!

This is only the begining.

Photo by Nick Benton

I am meeting more like us every day. I mean, here you are! Sacred Owls has been hitting the road, playing new towns spreading this message of refusal to accept the rule of predatory, pedophilic, murderous, occult, creeps. If you are into the occult, that is fine, don’t run for public office. We want change. We want scientific minded, free thinking, Libertarians who want nothing more than to abolish the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, The Military Industrial Complex, all of these bloated, corrupted federal agencies that steal your money to oppress you.

We meet people every night that tell us they feel the same but have no one to talk to. We need to stop being so anti-social. We need to be able to meet in person. That is what we want to do with Sacred Owls and Coffins Print Shop, Coffins Comix, Coffins Collective, and above all,, with events and publications, all with the common goal of bringing light to these terrible things and focusing on the documents, the charts, the diagrams, the names, who they worked for, what they did.

We are smarter, faster, more clever than the generations past. We have information at our finger tips. We just need to unite. Rise above the petty triggers of disagreements between programmed people you come across. Name calling will get you nowhere. You must look past what makes you angry and need to think why? Because of something you read? Watched? Your parent told you? You are smarter than that! Rise!

Special thanks to Will Brack, Dougie Flesh and The Slashers for being my favorite people to be on the road with.

Ton of Shows Coming Up & Store Is Back Up!

Hey Gang,

We have been Busy! Koffin Kats was a blast! Here are some pics!

Coming up next…

  • 2-11-17 at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando with Hale Bopp Astronaut, Soda City Riot, & Sex Wax
  • 2-16-17 at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando for HELLBOUND HORROR SHOW with Horrorpunks in 21 Disfunction, The Prople, & more! (Facebook)
  • 2-17-17 at Nighthawks in Jacksonville, Florida with Warm Like Winter
  • 2-18-17 in Savannah, Georgia
  • 2-25-17 at Kreepy Tiki with Warm Like Winter, God Rot, Fighting The Silence, & more! (Facebook)
  • 2-26-17 at Shovel Head Lounge in Longwood, Florida (Facebook)
  • 3-4-17 at Howl Gallery/Tattoo in Ft. Myers, Florida with Warm Like Winter & more! (Facebook)
  • 3-10-17 at West End Trading Company in Sanford, Florida
  • 3-11-17 at Tir na nOg Irish Pub in Daytona Beach, Florida with Some Kind Of Nightmare, Swift Knuckle Solution, & RushmoreFL
  • 3-17-17 at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando for Bubble Boys Water Balloon Tour Kick Off
  • 3-18-17 at Copper Rocket in Maitland, Florida with Doktor Faux, Bluesferbones, & Really Fast Horses
  • 3-23-17 at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando for Dicks From Mars, Sour, Transdimensionalizers
  • 3-31-17 at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando for Porno Arcade & More
  • 5-19-17 at The Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida with Savage Remains, The Prople, & Warm Like Winter

Shop is back! Adding new stuff every day!

Anti-False Flag Fest 9/11/16 was a hit!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported this even. Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts. You made our year. Special thanks to Kane, Frank, Dani, Dennis, & Pizza Nightmare for supplying good and helping out! We were able to raise enough to record, press, print, screen, & distribute Government Sponsored Terrorism on CD & Digital Download as well as the shirts and patches!

They Live Spray Painting by Stephen Elliott The Owl Is Wise Because It Can See In The Dark spray painting by Stephen Elliott5% of the proceeds will go to the Pulse Victims Fund and another 5% to the 9/11 Victims Fund for a total of 10% going to charity!

Extra special thanks to Artist, Stephen Elliott for painting 2 masterpieces live as well as giving the finished products to us!

I named the one with the owl “The Owl Is Wise Because It Can See In The Dark” a quote from William Cooper.

The They Live alien face one is titled “We Have One That Can See”.

Also, honorable mention to Radicalized Youth for their hilarious promotional video for their new EP as well as paying CHEW and Sun Signs out of pocket! You guys did not have to do that! Thank you so much!

We will definitely keep doing this event! SEE YOU ALL AGAIN at ANTI-FALSE FLAG FEST 2 on Friday 7/7/17!

with gratitude,

Christian Coffins

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